Uniformed and Oversea Citizens Absentee Voting Act

You may vote while serving our country or living abroad.

 45 days prior to Federal & Presidential elections, ballots are available to military and overseas voters. The Secretary of State's Electronic Absentee System seamlessly registers and issues an electronic ballot for eligible UOCAVA voters. Overseas voters should use this tool if they are not currently registered as UOCAVA and wish to receive a ballot. Please call our office (406) 258-4751 with any questions or visit the Secretary of State Military & Overseas Voter Page.  

The Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act (UOCAVA) created special provisions to make registering to vote, obtaining, returning, and tracking absentee ballots easier for members of the armed forces or certain overseas U.S. citizens while absent from their Montana voting residence. UOCAVA voters are most commonly identified as one of the following:

  • Member of the Uniformed Services or Merchant Marines on active duty
  • Spouse or dependent of a member of the Uniformed Services or Merchant Marines on active duty
  • U.S. citizen residing outside the United States
  • Other individuals meeting definitions of "absent uniformed services voter" and "overseas voter" under Montana law (13-21-102, MCA).
  • Note: the Electronic Absentee System is for voters covered under the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act (UOCAVA) only. A user must affirm their eligibility under this Federal Law before using the system, under penalty of perjury.

The Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) also provides information for UOCAVA voters, including an absentee voting guide for Montana UOCAVA voters.

Federal Post Card Application
Voter Registration and Absentee Ballot Request for Overseas/Military