Why Updating Your Information Matters


Address Changes

When you move, you very likely update your address with the United States Postal Service. You would think that change of address would be transferred to other government agencies, but it doesn't. Unfortunately, voters don't realize their address is out-of-date with the elections office until there is an election. 

Your address is important because it dictates which ballot you will receive, and where you go to vote. It saves counties money to have an updated address ahead of time, and you benefit by maintaining an "active" status as a voter.

Updating your information is easy! Simply fill out a new voter registration form to update your voter information today. 


Be A Happy Voter

Ensuring your information is up-to-date with your local elections office means you'll have great voting experiences. You'll be easily located in the polling place register, your vote-by-mail ballot will reach you in time, you'll receive time sensitive communications from the elections office, and so much more. Encourage your friends to make sure their information is up to date, too!