Your Resource for Montana Elections

Your Resource for Montana Elections

Your Resource for Montana ElectionsYour Resource for Montana ElectionsYour Resource for Montana Elections

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Montana Election Administrators


My Voter Page


One stop shopping for all of your voting needs! Verify that your information is up to date.

View sample ballots.

Track your absentee ballot.

Locate your polling place.

Election Deadlines


This is a big election year for Montana. Your vote helps decide tomorrow's leaders.

Voting by Mail


There are a lot of pluses to voting by mail. You have the convenience of voting at home, time to research candidates on the ballot, avoid Election Day lines, and more. Sign up for vote by mail today!

Are You Election Ready?

Is Your Address Current?

Address Up To Date?

Ensuring your address is up to date with your local election office makes all the difference on Election Day. 

Hate Lines? Vote Early!

Vote Early

Your time is precious. You have places to be and people to see. Don't let elections hold you back - vote early! 

Where Is My Polling Place?


Avoid getting lost on Election Day by locating your polling place ahead of time! 

Accessible Voting


If you are a voter with a disability, there are options for you to independently cast a ballot. 

Military and Overseas Voters


 The Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act (UOCAVA) created special provisions to make voting easier for members of the armed forces or certain overseas U.S. citizens.